The Gender Pensions Gap Guide


Much has been said about the gender pay gap, but what do you know about the gender pensions gap?

Did you know that according to recent UK government analysis, female workers’ private pension pots are typically worth 35% less than those of their male colleagues by the time they are 55, or that 20% more women than men have said they would cut back on their pension contributions to cope with rising costs?

To learn more about this important issue, read our new Gender Pensions Gap Guide for HR professionals and business leaders.

This will help you discover:

  • What key factors are causing the issue
  • Why it is now being referred to as more of a ‘gaping chasm’ than a gap
  • Why half of women aged 45 and over fear that they will have to carry on working beyond retirement age
  • What you can do, as an employer, to help your female workers avoid falling into the gender pensions gap and have greater financial wellbeing

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