The Link Between Financial Wellbeing & Staff Resignation


Understand the link between financial wellbeing and staff resignation, and how to retain employees. 


The Financial wellbeing of your employees is strongly linked to whether they remain working for your business for a considerable period of time. In light of The Great Resignation, take steps to improve the financial wellbeing of your current employees to avoid unwanted recruitment costs and high levels of staff turnover. 

Having a good understanding of what you can do to minimise costs and employee resignation within your business is vital. Supporting your employees will encourage them to remain loyal to your business and will also attract other talented individuals to your team.

In this handy guide, you will read about the link between financial wellbeing and staff resignation and discover how you can support your employees in improving their financial wellbeing at work: 

  • Understand the cost to your business of staff resignation
  • Easy to implement advice on how to support the financial wellbeing of your employees
  • Key statistics showing the importance of addressing this topic
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